10 Grocery Items You Should Always Buy At Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree offers a variety of baking mixes, perfect for busy bakers on a budget, with options that rotate frequently for surprises at low prices.

Baking Mixes

Budget-friendly canned beans from Dollar Tree add protein to soups, pastas, and salads, making meals nutritious and economical.

Canned Beans

Seasonal ice cream treats vary by location, offering cool desserts at a bargain, ideal for DIY ice cream socials with toppings and supplies also available.

Ice Cream

Available year-round, Dollar Tree's chicken broth is a versatile kitchen staple, rich in vitamins and minerals, ideal for winter cooking and flu season.

Chicken Broth

Quick and healthy Quaker oats at Dollar Tree provide a convenient breakfast option that can be customized with fruits or cocoa for added flavor.


Essential dry goods like pasta and rice are stocked at Dollar Tree, perfect for creating hearty dishes like spaghetti or risotto inexpensively.

Pasta and Rice

Dollar Tree offers a variety of condiments including hot sauce, salsa, mustard, and barbecue sauce, enhancing meals without breaking the bank.


Enjoy larger bags of brand-name chips at Dollar Tree, from classic potato to healthier options like pea crisps, satisfying any savory craving.


Find a range of frozen foods at Dollar Tree, including nuggets, burger patties, and breakfast wraps, ideal for quick and convenient meal planning.

Frozen Foods

Dollar Tree's selection of sliced lunch meats, from honey baked ham to chicken, provides affordable options for lunches at home or school.

Lunch Meat

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