8 Easy Ice Cream Desserts to Try This Summer

Honeydew and Blackberry Ice Cream Sundaes

Upgrade your standard sundae with sesame-almond brittle and honeydew melon, requiring stovetop prep and a 15-minute wait for the crunchy brittle.

Mexican "Fried" Ice Cream

Create the illusion of fried ice cream by browning a crispy panko coating, letting it cool, and rolling vanilla ice cream scoops in the mixture, served with honey and cinnamon.

Raspberry Mango Ice Cream Cake

Assemble this no-bake cake in a loaf pan with layers of vanilla ice cream, mango and raspberry sorbets, topped with a cinnamon-spiced buttery cracker crust.

Melted Ice Cream Whoopie Pies

Make these simple three-ingredient whoopie pies by combining melted ice cream, self-rising flour, and butter, then baking and layering with ice cream.

Easy Ice Cream Cake

Use store-bought ice cream sandwiches to quickly build this no-bake cake, adding layers of sweetened whipped cream and topping with chocolate chips before freezing.

Tiramisu Ice Pops

Enjoy this boozy dessert-cocktail hybrid with mascarpone cheese, sugar, heavy cream, espresso, and rum, creating an adults-only tiramisu popsicle.

Butterscotch Bananas With Vanilla Ice Cream

Flambé rum-soaked bananas in a skillet, then ladle them over vanilla ice cream and top with roasted pecans for a dramatic and sophisticated dessert.

PB&J Ice Cream Sandwiches

Sandwich vanilla ice cream between peanut butter cookies with strawberry jam, freeze-dried strawberries, and chopped peanuts to recreate a childhood favorite.

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