8 Most popular burger toppings around the world

Melty and versatile, sliced cheese melds perfectly with burgers, enhancing each bite with creamy goodness, ensuring a flavorful, classic experience loved universally in the burger realm.

Sliced Cheese

Elevate your burger with aioli, a garlic-infused mayo that adds gourmet flair. It's customizable, offering a range from zesty sriracha to rich truffle, enhancing burgers.


These slow-cooked gems add a sweet, savory depth to burgers, balancing flavors without overpowering. Perfectly tender, they're a refined choice for enhancing any burger experience.

Caramelized Onions

A nostalgic favorite, ketchup adds a sweet tanginess that complements burgers without overshadowing the patty. It's a staple condiment that provides familiarity.


For those who crave smoky sweetness, barbecue sauce is the go-to. It enhances burgers with its rich, complex flavor, pairing well with everything from bacon.

Barbecue Sauce

Offering a tangy kick, mustard brings subtle spice to burgers, balancing savory flavors with a hint of heat. It's a versatile condiment that enhances without overpowering the patty.


Creamy and rich, avocado and guacamole add a luxurious texture to burgers, bringing a fresh, buttery taste that complements various toppings and patty types.

Avocado and Guacamole

Creamy and subtly eggy, mayo adds a smooth texture to burgers, enhancing each bite with a light richness that pairs well with other condiments and toppings.


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