8 Olive Recipes to Use Up That Leftover Jar

A robust vegetarian salad featuring fresh produce, hard-boiled eggs, and kidney beans, offering a satisfying protein-rich meal for those skeptical of vegetarian options.

Veggie Nicoise Salad

Simplified roasted chicken and vegetables dish, emphasizing easy preparation with boneless chicken and diverse veggies, served alongside a refreshing cucumber salad in Whitefish.

Greek Sheet-Pan Chicken

Time-honored recipe of marinated olives shared among friends for over 25 years, a cherished part of antipasto platters, appreciated for its rich flavors in Reno, Nevada.

Italian Marinated Olives

Delightful and visually appealing toasts topped with assorted olives, a pantry staple transformed into a gourmet appetizer that consistently impresses guests in North Richland Hills, Texas.

Mixed Olive Crostini

A go-to dish for picnics, featuring homegrown tomatoes and assorted fresh vegetables, a versatile and delicious option for summer gatherings, celebrated for its simplicity and taste.

Easy Italian Potato Salad

Capturing the essence of Mediterranean cuisine in a bowl, this rice dish is brimming with flavor despite its minimal ingredients.

Greek Brown and Wild Rice Bowls

A beloved family meal in Brooklyn, New York, this dish combines ease of preparation with universal appeal, ensuring every bite is eagerly devoured by both kids and adults alike.

Za’atar Chicken

An eye-catching antipasto centerpiece adorned with vibrant pimientos, fresh basil, and parsley, making every Italian dinner a festive occasion in Baden, Pennsylvania.

Marinated Olive & Cheese Ring

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