9 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes to Bring to Your Next Potluck

Potluck Macaroni and Cheese

Jennifer Blondek's slow cooker macaroni and cheese from Chicopee, Massachusetts, is rich, creamy, and a potluck favorite with its indulgent texture that pleases every crowd.

Hot Bacon Cheese Dip

A versatile crowd-pleaser, this cheesy bacon dip is best served hot with tortilla chips or French bread. It's filling and stores well, making it perfect for any gathering.

Cranberry Sauerkraut Meatballs

Lisa Castelli's easy meatballs from Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, are packed with tangy flavors, making them ideal for potlucks or relaxed game day snacking.

Truly Tasty Turnips with Greens

Amy Inman's savory greens from Hiddenite, North Carolina, are a hit at church dinners, customizable with your favorite seasonings for a personalized touch.

Cilantro & Lime Chicken with Scoops

Lori Terry's Tex-Mex chicken cups from Chicago, Illinois, are a party sensation, served in tortilla cups or crispy shells for a zesty appetizer.

Party Time Beans

Jean Cantner's colorful slow-cooked beans from Boston, Virginia, are slightly sweet and always a hit at potlucks, perfect for sharing and enjoying.

Vegetarian Buffalo Dip

Amanda Silvers' addictive vegetarian dip from Old Fort, Tennessee, captures the essence of Buffalo flavors, pleasing even meat lovers with its robust taste.

French Dip Sandwiches with Onions

Florence Robinson's impressive sandwiches from Lenox, Iowa, are served au jus for dipping, making them a standout choice for entertaining guests.

Slow-Cooked Cranberry Hot Wings

Noreen McCormick Danek's cranberry wings from Cromwell, Connecticut, bring festive flavors to celebrations, loved by all for their sweet and tangy profile.

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