9 Energizing Smoothie Recipes Packed With Protein

1. Berry Smoothie

This smoothie regulates digestion with fiber and maintains a healthy gut with kefir or yogurt, providing a nutrient-dense treat.

2. Tropical Smoothie

Packed with mango, pineapple, and orange juice, this smoothie is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, perfect for an energy boost.

3. So-Healthy Smoothie

A midday pick-me-up, this smoothie provides vitamin C and added nutrients like protein and omega-3s with a spoonful of hemp seeds.

4. Banana Cocoa Powder

This drink combines cocoa powder, banana, chocolate protein powder, flax, and chia seeds, providing omega-3s and fiber for sustained energy.

5. Mean Green Smoothie

A blend of greens and spirulina, this smoothie supports digestion, reduces inflammation, and sneaks in your daily dose of vegetables.

6. Berry Breakfast Smoothie

Perfect for a quick, healthy breakfast, this smoothie aids the immune system with potassium and vitamin C, and provides sustained energy with almond butter and chia seeds.

7. Brain Food Smoothie

With avocado and berries, this smoothie offers healthy fats, vitamins, and antioxidants, providing a brain boost and keeping you full between meals.

8. Creamy Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon and mint leaves aid digestion and boost energy, while the addition of ice cream makes this smoothie a delicious treat.

9. Mango-Ginger Smoothie

This smoothie combines mango and ginger for nausea relief, coconut oil for anti-inflammatory benefits, and potassium to help lower blood pressure.

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