9 Incredibly Refreshing Citrus Cocktail Recipes to Beat the Heat

1. Lemon Pimm’s Lemon Crush Cocktail

The Lemon Pimm’s Lemon Crush cocktail is a delightful blend of the botanical flavor of Pimm’s, bourbon, and a sweet-tart citrus syrup. For a different twist, you can substitute the citrus syrup with maple syrup.

2. The Penicillin Cocktail

The Penicillin is a Scotch whiskey cocktail that features lemon, honey, and ginger. This combination of ingredients not only creates a refreshing drink but also gives it a soothing quality, making it perfect for unwinding.

3. Amaretto Sour

The Amaretto Sour is a sweet, almondy citrus cocktail that is incredibly easy to make. With just a few ingredients and five minutes, you can enjoy this refreshing drink poolside. The balance of almond flavor from the amaretto

4. Paper Plane Cocktail

The Paper Plane Cocktail is known for its simplicity and ease of preparation. With no need for fussy syrups, hard-to-find bitters, or fancy garnishes, this cocktail is a breeze to make at home. Its origins are just as interesting as its taste

5. Sparkling Limoncello Cocktail

The Sparkling Limoncello Cocktail is perfect for warm sunny days. Made with just three simple ingredients and garnished with mint leaves and freshly cut lemon slices, this cocktail is sharp, juicy, and incredibly refreshing.

6. Italian Lemon Sgroppino with Prosecco and Vodka

The Italian Lemon Sgroppino is a cold, slushy prosecco cocktail made with fresh lemon and vodka. This citrusy cocktail is not only delicious but also refreshing, making it perfect for hot summer days.

7. Meyer Lemon Old Fashioned

The Meyer Lemon Old Fashioned is a bright and refreshing twist on the classic old fashioned cocktail. Made with rye, bourbon, or whiskey, this cocktail incorporates the unique flavor of Meyer lemons, which are sweeter and less acidic

8. Lime Classic Moscow Mule

The Lime Classic Moscow Mule is a perennial summer favorite. With just three simple ingredients—lime, ginger beer, and vodka—this cocktail is incredibly easy to make at home. Its refreshing and zesty flavor makes it a perfect drink

9. Classic Margarita 

The Classic Margarita is a light and refreshing drink that can be made at home with just a few simple ingredients. Fresh lime juice, agave, tequila, and orange liqueur come together to create a margarita that is far superior to any premade mix.

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