9 Mouth-Watering Greek Island Dishes You Absolutely Need To Try

Pan-fried snails with flour, wine, and rosemary are called chochlioi boubouristi in Creta. It continues Cretan cuisine's snail legacy, currently from local snail farms.

Chochlioi boubouristi – Crete

Pastitsada is a hearty Corfiot meal of braised beef or veal in a spicy tomato sauce over bucatini pasta. This classic is famous for its rich flavours and ease of preparation.

Pastitsada – Corfu

Kasos offers the best dolmadakia, vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs, often served with a sweet tomato sauce. These appetizers are light yet flavorful, perfect for starting a Greek meal.

Dolmadakia – Kasos

Fourtalia, a Greek omelette from Andros, contains sausage, potatoes, eggs with spearmint and oregano. This warm recipe is perfect for breakfast or dinner.

Fourtalia (Greek Omelet) – Andros

Ladenia from Kimolos is a Greek flatbread topped with tomatoes, olive oil, and oregano. It’s reminiscent of pizza but unique to the island, showcasing local flavors in a delicious, fluffy bread.

Ladenia – Kimolos

Fytoura is a sweet treat from Zakynthos, a fried semolina pudding sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. It’s a delightful dessert enjoyed for its simplicity and traditional Greek flavors.

Fytoura – Zakynthos

Stuffed aubergines with feta, tomato sauce, vinegar and fresh herbs make Zakynthos' skordostoumbi, or 'garlicky eggplant'. It tastes like Mediterranean food.

Skordostoumbi – Zakynthos

Milos is renowned for pitarakia, mini fried cheese pies filled with local cheeses like manoura or feta. They are a popular snack or appetizer showcasing the island’s culinary heritage.

Pitarakia – Milos

Santorini ntomatokeftedes are crispy fried tomato balls flavoured with zucchini, onion, feta cheese, oregano and mint. They are a must-try appetiser on the island noted for its food and scenery.

Ntomatokeftedes – Santorini

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