Best 9 Frozen Treats For Dessert Tonight

Watermelon Campari Granita

Granita is a simple dessert made by partially freezing a sweetened liquid or purée, then raking it with a fork to form icy crystals; it can be topped with whipped cream or spooned over vanilla ice cream for a delightful contrast.

Bittersweet Chocolate Semifreddo

Semifreddo, an Italian dessert meaning half-frozen, is a rich, chocolaty treat that falls between ice cream and mousse, served with whipped cream or garnished with chopped caramelized nuts or crushed toffee.

 Peaches and Sour Cream Ice Cream

This quick, no-churn ice cream uses only four ingredients, including sour cream for a cleaner, tangier fruit flavor, creating a dessert that is more refreshing than traditional ice cream.

Fragrant Oranges with Ice Cream, Almonds, and Dates

Inspired by Moroccan cuisine, this dessert features vanilla ice cream and mango sorbet in a bowl with juicy orange segments, sticky dates, toasted almonds, and a fragrant cinnamon stick topping.

Fresh Mint Chip Ice Cream

Infusing fresh mint leaves in cold cream for several hours, rather than heating them, results in a bright, clean mint flavor in this delicate ice cream.

Better Chocolate Chunks for Ice Cream

For crunchy chocolate chunks or shards that shatter and melt with intense flavor, it's best to melt the chocolate, then chill and chop it.

Beer Floats

Combine ice cream with special American craft beers, wheat beers, Belgian or Belgian-style beers, or brown ales for a unique dessert that goes beyond typical college drinks.

Après Party Granita

Leftover wine from a party can be used to make a flavorful granita; mix red and white wines to create a refreshing rosé granita if desired.

 Guinness Ice Cream

A rich, eggy ice cream base pairs perfectly with Guinness beer, though other rich, malty beers or lighter ales, pilsners, or lagers can also be used for variation.

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