The 10 Best Chewy Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Classic Chewy Recipe

An ageless classic with a chewy texture and luscious chocolate chips—ideal for fans of gluten-free cookies. Melts in your tongue when baked to a rich brown with a soft core.

Almond Flour Delight

Made with almond flour for a chewy texture and nutty flavor, this recipe puts a gluten-free spin on a traditional recipe. Full of healthy almond deliciousness and protein.

Oat Flour Blend

Perfect for those looking for a heartier cookie, this treat combines chocolate chips and oat flour for a substantial texture. gives each taste of soothing oat flavor.

Coconut Flour Creation

Coconut flour gives this gluten-free cookie a distinctive and delectable chewiness and a dash of tropical flavor. With a little hint of coconut, it is airy and light.

Chickpea Flour Surprise

has a delicious chocolate chip flavor and a soft, chewy texture, but with the added protein from chickpea flour. Rich in minerals and fiber, ideal for a guilt-free treat.

Quinoa Flour Marvel

Adds quinoa flour for extra protein and a hint of nutmeg to make a healthy gluten-free choice. gives quinoa a hearty flavor that goes well with chocolate.

Gluten-Free Vegan Option

Gives a plant-based twist using dairy-free chocolate chips and coconut oil, guaranteeing a chewy, decadent cookie for everyone. Rich in taste and texture, but devoid of animal derivatives.

Paleo-inspired Perfection

Almond butter and maple syrup, two paleo-friendly ingredients, give this chocolatey delight a chewy texture. A delicious grain-free treat fit for a paleo diet.

Rice Flour Bliss

Creates a delicious gluten-free delicacy with lots of chocolate chips and rice flour for a light and chewy texture. For people who are allergic to wheat, it is soft and gentle.

Double Chocolate Decadence

A thick, chewy cookie that satisfies even the strongest chocolate cravings, packed with chocolate chips and cocoa powder. For twice the joy in each bite, double the chocolate.

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