Top 8 Foods From The UK That America Is Missing Out On

A Northern European staple with saucy meat baked into a crumbly crust, featuring fillings like lamb, steak, pork, or haggis, and a must-try for meat-eating Americans.

Meat Pie

High tea essential, made from slowly heated unpasteurized, full-fat cow’s milk, resulting in creamy clots, perfect for crumpets and scones, but rare and sometimes illegal in the U.S.

Clotted Cream

UK grocers and convenience shops sell pre-packaged sandwiches in variety packs, offering combinations like half chicken salad and half bacon and Swiss, unlike typical U.S. stores.

Variety Sandwich Packs

Popular flavor by Walker’s Sensations in the UK, offering savory chicken taste with lemon and herbs, resembling a Sunday dinner in chip form, among many unique crisp flavors.

Chicken and Thyme Crisps

Made from dried peas soaked overnight, mashed and heavily seasoned, often served with fish and chips, enjoyed with malt vinegar and tartar sauce.

Mushy Peas

Simple yet impressive mix of beef drippings, flour, eggs, and milk, creating tender popovers with a distinct savory flavor, often made for holidays by some American families.

Yorkshire Pudding

British breakfast food made from pork or beef blood, offering a meaty, earthy flavor and salami-like texture, complementing traditional English breakfast components.

Black Pudding

Simple topping made of breadcrumbs, milk, onion, and seasonings like cloves, traditionally served with Christmas turkey, and popular enough to be found in dry packets year-round in the UK.

Bread Sauce

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