Top 8 Oaxacan Street Foods You Absolutely Need To Try

Thick corn dough dishes resembling open-face tacos, crispy outside, soft inside, topped with various guisados like Oaxacan cheese or huevos con chorizo.


Fried corn tortilla pieces with salsa verde, onions, eggs, and crema, often served with refried beans at markets like Mercado La Merced.

Chilaquiles verdes

Large tortillas filled with mole amarillo, including chilies, spices, tomatoes, tomatillos, and hoja santa, toasted for a crispy exterior.

Empanadas de amarillo

Poblano peppers stuffed with Oaxacan cheese, pork or chicken, coated in egg, and deep-fried, served with salsa and refried beans.

Chile relleno

Corn dough filled with mole negro, shredded chicken, and masa, wrapped in banana leaves, found at Mercado de la Merced.


Crusty white rolls toasted and filled with refried black beans, salsa, quesillo, pickled vegetables, and a variety of meats, best at Conzatti Park's Tortas La Hormiga.


Fried sweet plantains with options like condensed milk, caramel sauce, or honey, available from street vendors like Tito's.

Platanos fritos

Mexican popsicles made with fresh fruits, herbs, nuts, and spices, found in various flavors like pineapple and chile mango.


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